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At Left Hand Reservoir, January 2016

Mike's Dry Goods & Consignment was founded by Mike Deitchman in 2013, as a means of building a career after finishing his degree in Web Design & Interactive Media (from the Art Institute of California -Sunnyvale). Graduating into a difficult economy, I revisited an idea I had had a decade earlier of buying and selling goods on Ebay. The idea had originally entered my mind in the early 2000s, in the very early days of Ebay as an online marketplace. But the ability to research things quickly and efficiently while out in the field just wasn't there yet. Once I had an iPhone with an internet connection, things began to look promising.

Years of working in customer service jobs; as a photo lab technician (at Longs Drugs and at Calypso Imaging), Photo Lab Supervisor (Longs Drugs), retail stocker (at REI), and as an Assistant Manager (at Walgreens), have taught me the value of treating customers with respect. Working in tradeshow exhibit production (at ProExhibits) taught me the value of strong marketing skills and grammar. I also have an educational background in photography, having nearly gone through the full course requirements for an Associate Degree at West Valley College (Saratoga, CA). In short, I have all of the technical chops required to run a successful consignment business from start to finish.

My goal with this business is to treat everyone I deal with, whether consignor or customer, with the utmost respect; and to create an online store where customers keep coming back to receive the service they have come to expect.

I live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife Joan, son Sean and our dogs (Kona and Lilly) and cat (Rosie). My hobbies included: rock climbing, photography , running, cycling, triathlon, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, and other outdoor sports. I enjoy a good craft beer (if you're looking for a bribe, my favorites are red ales).